Still alive and well: AreaList Pro

Dear developers,

Here is an overview of the upcoming releases regarding AreaList Pro, the #1 4D plug-in used by most professional 4D programmers and publishers across the world.

AreaList Pro 8.5

Version 8.5 is about to be released (probably before Dec 31st, 2010).
This will be a free upgrade from v8.3, but NOT from previous releases. After one year of providing hundreds of free upgrades from v8.x to v8.3 we feel that we have satisfactorily contributed to the community needs.

So again:
e-Node will no longer provide free upgrades to 8.0-8.2 AreaList Pro users, as of v8.5 release.

All 8.3 users will be able to use their current licenses with version 8.5 without modifying their registration code. In other words, ALP 8.5 will work with 8.3 licenses.

In addition, version 8.5 will bring the following enhancements:

  1. Multiple calls to AL_Register (one line for each key, for those who have multiple setups).
  2. New AL_GetLastEvent command to replace the deprecated ALProEvt variable.
  3. New advanced properties dialog, v11/v12 savvy.
  4. Fixes for various crashes occurring in specific situations.
  5. Bug fixes in composite mode.

Please contact me privately if you need a beta release.

AreaList Pro 9.0

Version 9.0 is scheduled for

  • alpha release early January
  • beta in February and final in March 2011.

This complete rewrite has now been underway for 8 months. Backwards compatibility is of course our priority. Full Unicode support will be provided.

Moreover, this release will include many new thrilling features, which will be publicly detailed once the beta program will be triggered.

In addition to legacy routines, AreaList Pro v9 will include a new programming architecture based upon properties getting and setting. This syntax is closer to contemporary programming style and will allow fine tuned settings and area behavior follow-up.

We will post an update to this thread once ALP 9.0 alpha will be made available to a selection of registered users, who can apply at any time on our website contact form or by private email.

For more informations, please visit:
AreaList Pro

e-Node Customer Service