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FootPrints, Inc.: HealthCheck 4D Pro released

Less than 2 weeks ago, Footprints released a new version of HealthCheck 4D Lite, a free iPhone app + 4D component that can be used to monitor your 4D Server applications from your iPhone or iPad.

Today, we are excited to announce that HealthCheck 4D Pro is now available for purchase from the iTunes App Store. Many additional features have been added to HealthCheck 4D Pro compared to HealthCheck 4D Lite, such as the ability to monitor multiple servers, a “Quick Look” mode, 4D Database Table information, and a small suite of tools for initiating backups, sending messages to users, and initiating database verifications and repairs!

Footprints is offering HealthCheck 4D Pro for an introductory price of $29.99. The 4D component is free, available from our web site.

For details and additional information, please see our web site, and click the HealthCheck 4D link.

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AreaList Pro v9 alpha 4

Es ist soweit. Alle mit einer aktuellen Lizenz (v8.3, v8.5) können sich für das AreaList Pro Beta-Programm anmelden.

Dazu kommt diese Meldung von eNode:

The whole new concept in ALP v9 API is based upon getting / setting properties.

All (non obsolete) v8 commands have been turned into a wrapping of this new API. Backwards compatibility should be in.

All new features are based upon this getting / setting concept.

Depending on the context, properties can be applied to ALP, a specific area, a row, a column, a cell, an ALP object or a drop area. See the “ALP Properties” Excel sheet.

All information is now internally stored as XML.

Unicode should work everywhere.

AreaList Pro 8.5 released

e-Node announces AreaList Pro version 8.5.

Published by e-Node worldwide.


This release fixes several bugs and brings new features.

System requirements
AreaList Pro 8.5 requires 4D v2004 or higher (including 4D v11 SQL and 4D v12).

Fixed bugs

  • – Improved stability and fixed scrollbar issues when the area is placed into a composite type window.
  • Better callback execution when run from a component.
  • Improved redraw and updates when several windows are simultaneously open with AreaList Pro areas.

New features

  • -New command AL_GetLastEvent replaces the deprecated ALProEvt variable (existing projects using this variable will still work, but AL_GetLastEvent should be used instead in new projects or in case of issues with ALProEvt). In addition, AL_GetLastEvent offers a better control of event management compared to ALProEvt, as it allows tracking of the last event in each AreaList Pro area.
  • AL_Register can now be called several times with different license keys. Registration will succeed if one or more keys are valid.
  • The return of the Advanced Properties dialog, updated to include new v8.x features and v11 / v12 compatible.
  • AL_UpdateArrays and AL_UpdateFields can now use the recalculate options (-2 and 2) in event callback methods.

AreaList Pro 8.5 is a free upgrade from v8.3 and a paid upgrade from all v8.x previous versions. (Ed.: Ohh… we like this!!)
8.3 license keys will work with version 8.5.

HealthCheck 4D released

HealthCheck 4D is an iPhone app that will run on any iOS compatible device with iOS 3.2 or later.
Use it to monitor your 4D v11 or v12 Server application remotely.
Presently available for 4D Servers running in 32-bit.

Footprints has updated HealthCheck 4D Lite and a new version is available for download for free from the iTunes App Store. If you had installed the previous version and have recently updated your iPhone app, you will need to install the updated companion HealthCheck 4D Component into your 4D Server database application. Info is available on our web site at

Also, we’re very close to releasing HealthCheck 4D Pro! I can’t wait! 🙂 Some of the additional features that will come with the Pro version:
* monitor multiple 4D Server applications
* remote administration tools
* more server monitoring features
* and more!

Scott Gelvin
Footprints, Inc.
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