Mobile4D Beta Hits the Road

4D S.A. (Paris) is pleased to announce the beta of Mobile4D v12. Mobile4D v12 allows your users to carry their data, synchronized from their 4D v12 databases, on their iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Mobile4D v12 utilizes the built-in data storage of all Webkit powered browsers to store data so your users can access their data even when in offline mode. Once your users connect again they can synchronize their changes with their database server.

Mobile4D v12 will be released as part of the upcoming 4D Web 2.0 Pack v12. Beta 1 is a time limited version which will work with any 4D v12 database (requires 4D v12.1 Hotfix 2).

Please help us create a wonderful addition to your applications by giving us your feedback, positive and negative, on the Mobile4D beta forum. Please also log any bugs you find on 4D Bugbase.

Mobile4D can be downloaded here

Don’t have a 4D Forums account? Visit 4D Partner Central for download instructions

Editors note:
Using a 4D v12.1 Hotfix 2 requires a ‘Silver-Partner’ contract with 4D.  Questions about it? Just use our contact form to ask!

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