AreaList Pro 8.5 released

e-Node announces AreaList Pro version 8.5.

Published by e-Node worldwide.


This release fixes several bugs and brings new features.

System requirements
AreaList Pro 8.5 requires 4D v2004 or higher (including 4D v11 SQL and 4D v12).

Fixed bugs

  • – Improved stability and fixed scrollbar issues when the area is placed into a composite type window.
  • Better callback execution when run from a component.
  • Improved redraw and updates when several windows are simultaneously open with AreaList Pro areas.

New features

  • -New command AL_GetLastEvent replaces the deprecated ALProEvt variable (existing projects using this variable will still work, but AL_GetLastEvent should be used instead in new projects or in case of issues with ALProEvt). In addition, AL_GetLastEvent offers a better control of event management compared to ALProEvt, as it allows tracking of the last event in each AreaList Pro area.
  • AL_Register can now be called several times with different license keys. Registration will succeed if one or more keys are valid.
  • The return of the Advanced Properties dialog, updated to include new v8.x features and v11 / v12 compatible.
  • AL_UpdateArrays and AL_UpdateFields can now use the recalculate options (-2 and 2) in event callback methods.

AreaList Pro 8.5 is a free upgrade from v8.3 and a paid upgrade from all v8.x previous versions. (Ed.: Ohh… we like this!!)
8.3 license keys will work with version 8.5.