New Utilities for Unicode

Miyako Keisuke, 4D-Wonder-Boy from Japan, hat 2  neue uni-code Plugins veröffentlicht.

Auszug aus der Beschreibung:

Text Transform

  • Summary

    This plugin allows Unicode string to be transliterated, or converted, to an alternative form. Instruction must be passed using the ICU syntax. Common tasks such as double quotes to Inverted commas (printing), latin to cyrillic, latin to greek, title case, Japanese/Korean to alphabetical, literal to programming (perl, XML, Java), are predefined as constants. For more sophisticated conversion, pass the custom transliteration rule as literal string. Note that the list of constants only represent a small subset of possible transliteration. For example, one can directly perform Hiragana-Katakana, Latin-Fullwidth, Gujarati-Latin, Kannada to Gujarati conversion, etc. There are many aliases defined, like Russian-English, Latn-Hex, etc. See ICU documentation for details. You can test a possible transliteration ID online.

Auf alle Fälle ansehen. Was Miyako da immer abliefert ist immer allererste Sahne!!