‘DOCODEMO4D’ by Makoto Mizuno

Hello everyone.This is first post.

I am a Japanese developer.(makoto mizuno)
For the first time developed a 4D component.
I will introduce it.
The name “DOCODEMO4D” called.


  1. You can see data without programing by web browser.
  2. Powered by 4DWeb.(web license require)
  3. You can see data by simple view settings.
  4. DOCODEMO4D is emphasis to usability on iPad.
  5. You can see data list form or detail form.
  6. You can use query feature.
  7. You can use data download feature.

DOCODEMO4D” Please come to see.
And please make sure you can easily build Web features.

Thank you.

I do not have enough English skills.
I think that hard to understand, please forgive me.
makoto mizuno