BASh’ing DSTI – greetings from the past

Oh my goodness!

As many are aware, there was a long-standing promise that the source code for BASh and the other Deep Sky Technologies components would be put into escrow, and made available to the community in the event Deep Sky Technologies ceased to exist or decided to stop publishing them.  As is obvious by now, none of the source code for any of the components was ever placed in escrow, and Deep Sky Technologies does not exist anymore.  In fact, legally, Deep Sky Technologies didn’t exist for a couple years before the last remaining employee departed.  In addition, Steven G Willis claims to have lost all the source code to all the components when he moved to Arizona.

However, the BASh 1.8.5 source is now available for anonymous download at:

I would invite those who are interested to apply the same logic the author of the BASh component applied to another well-known situation that occurred when a company suddenly refused to sell any more licenses to a widely-used plugin.  You can download it to make sure it is *not* the same as the component you have.

Incidentally, the latest released version of the BASh component was in the 1.9.x range, so this source is not a drop-in replacement for the component.  You will need to swap the affix files, and check for other functionality you may be using that doesn’t exist in this previous version.  However, for those wanting to upgrade to v11 or v12 and have the BASh component installed and in heavy enough use that it would be time-consuming to remove entirely, this may help.

This message appeared for a short time on the iNUG and was deleted shortly after. Rumor tells, there is some story behind it. We’ll try to investigate it.

As far as we can tell, Steve is still around, we chatted with Steve several times last year.