4D web server leaking memory – possible bug


I have just discovered that 4D 11.8 and 4D v12.1, when using 4D’s web server, are leaking 32 bytes of memory with *every* request for a non-existent file and every request that goes through On Web Connection.

Although 32 bytes is not much (after 1 million requests it is a total of 32MB), but all of those extra memory blocks eventually slow things down.

I have filed a bug report with 4D. Until they fix this, you might want to check the memory usage of your servers if they have been running a long time.

Kind regards,


[Editor: Aparajita is the author of our beloved plugin ‘Active4D’ – don’t miss to check it out!!]

[Update: The bug is fixed in 4D v12.2 and an upcoming followup of v11.8 – my wildest guess. :)]