PagePro 1.0.26 available

PagePro is full-featured report generator that allows to generate complex reports in 4D.

Part of PagePro is SRPConvert, plugin that converts SuperReport Pro reports into PagePro format.

This build improves compatibility with SuperReport Pro and adds ability to export reports as XML and HTML files .

PagePro always supported repeating objects of SuperReport Pro, however provided only limited UI support for editing of repeating object’s properties. PagePro provides Table object with much richer set of properties then repeating object has.

PagePro 1.0.26 provides user interface for changing and editing properties of repeating objects and provides a function that changes repeating object to Table object.

Description of main features

Full release notes

PagePro 1.0 build 26 is available for download from PagePro web site.

Prices and availability

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