Loadbalancer for Mac-Terminal-Services

Auqa Connect LoadBalancer released

The Aqua Connect Load Balancer allows organizations to harness the power of multiple servers for their Aqua Connect Terminal Server deployment. Organizations can set up multiple servers with the Aqua Connect Load Balancer in such a way that a new connection will be routed to the server with the most available resources. The load balancer is advanced enough to take multiple variables into account including overall capacity of the server, free memory, free processor space and the amount of free disk space. The decision-making logic is a set of algorithms that are pre-defined. In addition to server utilization, the overall capacity of each server is also taken into account.

The Aqua Connect Load Balancer can turn any modern Mac OS X device into a Mac Terminal Server load balancer. The load balancer distributes the RDP client load up to any number of Aqua Connect Servers, which will provide for optimal resource utilization and increase reliability through redundancy and failover. Additionally, the Aqua Connect Load Balancer can greatly enhance network security by being an outward facing service allowing for a single TCP/IP address and port to be used for all incoming terminal server clients.

The Aqua Connect Load Balancer is available now exclusively from Aqua Connect! Starting at $999.00, contact your sales representative for more information.