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4D web server leaking memory – possible bug


I have just discovered that 4D 11.8 and 4D v12.1, when using 4D’s web server, are leaking 32 bytes of memory with *every* request for a non-existent file and every request that goes through On Web Connection.

Although 32 bytes is not much (after 1 million requests it is a total of 32MB), but all of those extra memory blocks eventually slow things down.

I have filed a bug report with 4D. Until they fix this, you might want to check the memory usage of your servers if they have been running a long time.

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[Editor: Aparajita is the author of our beloved plugin ‘Active4D’ – don’t miss to check it out!!]

[Update: The bug is fixed in 4D v12.2 and an upcoming followup of v11.8 – my wildest guess. :)]

PagePro 1.0.26 available

PagePro is full-featured report generator that allows to generate complex reports in 4D.

Part of PagePro is SRPConvert, plugin that converts SuperReport Pro reports into PagePro format.

This build improves compatibility with SuperReport Pro and adds ability to export reports as XML and HTML files .

PagePro always supported repeating objects of SuperReport Pro, however provided only limited UI support for editing of repeating object’s properties. PagePro provides Table object with much richer set of properties then repeating object has.

PagePro 1.0.26 provides user interface for changing and editing properties of repeating objects and provides a function that changes repeating object to Table object.

Description of main features

Full release notes

PagePro 1.0 build 26 is available for download from PagePro web site.

Prices and availability

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BASh’ing DSTI – greetings from the past

Oh my goodness!

As many are aware, there was a long-standing promise that the source code for BASh and the other Deep Sky Technologies components would be put into escrow, and made available to the community in the event Deep Sky Technologies ceased to exist or decided to stop publishing them.  As is obvious by now, none of the source code for any of the components was ever placed in escrow, and Deep Sky Technologies does not exist anymore.  In fact, legally, Deep Sky Technologies didn’t exist for a couple years before the last remaining employee departed.  In addition, Steven G Willis claims to have lost all the source code to all the components when he moved to Arizona.

However, the BASh 1.8.5 source is now available for anonymous download at:

I would invite those who are interested to apply the same logic the author of the BASh component applied to another well-known situation that occurred when a company suddenly refused to sell any more licenses to a widely-used plugin.  You can download it to make sure it is *not* the same as the component you have.

Incidentally, the latest released version of the BASh component was in the 1.9.x range, so this source is not a drop-in replacement for the component.  You will need to swap the affix files, and check for other functionality you may be using that doesn’t exist in this previous version.  However, for those wanting to upgrade to v11 or v12 and have the BASh component installed and in heavy enough use that it would be time-consuming to remove entirely, this may help.

This message appeared for a short time on the iNUG and was deleted shortly after. Rumor tells, there is some story behind it. We’ll try to investigate it.

As far as we can tell, Steve is still around, we chatted with Steve several times last year.

4D’s ‘Wakanda’ project faces more delays

Wakanda will not make it in Q1 2011

According to a short message of 4D Inc., San José (California USA) Wakanda will not make the promised appearance in Q1. “Wakanda is progressing well.” Mr. Coveney wrote.

One reason for the delay are feature requests of the early testers. Sooo – if you are an early tester, please drop us a note, we are just curious!


hmReports 1.2 available

heubach media released version 1.2 (build 9465) of hmReports

hmReports is the new plug-in developed by heubach media, Hamburg, Germany for 4th Dimension.

With version 1.2 of hmReports we improve the hmReports graphic engine and stability and integrity in 4D.

=== In Version 1.2 we made the following improvements ===
* It’s now possible to rotate objects
* It’s now possible to scale path and freehand objects and groups
* New theme Menus to fully customize the menus in hmReports
* New command hmRep_GET REPORT LIST to get a list of all reports of the area
* New command hmRep_SEARCH PROP BY NAME for searching properties
* It is now possible to show the object order (new menu item and property)
* New property in hmRep_SET REPORT PROPERTY: hmRep_rprop_ShowObjectOrder
* The current layer can now changed in the layerlist by doubleclick
* It is now possible to bring an object one step forward and one step backward
* It is not possible to draw on a layer which is now visible, an alert is shown
* New Callback events are available
* It’s now possible to hide not needed sections and setting the name of each section
* New command hmRep_Render To Blob for Unicode compatibility in 4D v11
* New command hmRep_Report To Picture
* The command hmRep_PRINT was modified. A result value is now returned. Please check your code!
* Fixed bug moving a group from one layer to an other

=== About hmReports ===

You need amazing reports, invoices & documents? Do it with hmReports!
hmReports provides you a powerful tool to create, edit and print powerful graphics and reports.

=== The following features are included ===

* Create reports without any programming knowledge
* Import SuperReport Pro and 4D Draw documents for a fast crossgrade
* Exchange and share reports to your customers without recompiling
* Import, edit and export SVG documents
* Open storage format of the report-blob (XML)
* Create vector graphical documents
* Modern graphical API with multiple gradients, alpha/opacity support and antialiasing
* Create Text, Rectangles, Lines, Bezier curves, Arcs, Path, Pictures and Freehand objects
* Support of stepless zoom
* View and edit multiple reports in one hmReports-area
* Callback routines to manage events
* Break processing with sections
* Support of multiple layers
* Access to the database, arrays, array-elements and variables
* Add scripts to objects and sections
* Support of automatic line height depending of its content. In this case, all other objects can be automatically moved or resized.

=== One is not enough ===
hmReports does support multiple detail sections. Now you can create reports with real multiple subdetails. For example, you are able to create a report with three detail sections (also headers and footers): With hmReports you can easily create a customer list with its invoices and for each invoice its position.

=== Graphic Editor ===
With hmReports you can create high quality graphics. With the support of layers and groups, you can edit complex graphics very easily. Of course you can open, edit and save SVG documents as well.

=== hmDraw: hmReports without reporting capabilities ===
If you only need the Graphic Editor without reporting capabilities, we offer a license called “hmDraw”, see below price list.

=== Download ===
You find more information the download here:

The download includes sample databases with the hmReports Plugin, hmReports Component and a documentation.

=== Requirements ===
hmReports will run with 4D v11.8 on Macintosh 10.6.7, Mac 10.5.8. Tiger is not supported anymore!
hmReports will run Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

hmReports uses the newest available system API’s. hmReports does support unicode and native picture types like 4D v11/v12.

=== Prices ===
If you only need hmReports without reporting capabilities: Buy hmDraw:

hmDraw for 4th Dimension development (Mac & Win): EUR 99,–
hmDraw for 4D Runtime Volume Licence, unlimited: EUR 179,–
hmDraw for 4D Server, unlimited 4D clients: EUR 179,–
hmDraw OEM unlimited servers (includes runtime and development): EUR 999,–
annual price

If you only need hmReports with reporting capabilities:

hmReports for 4th Dimension development (Mac & Win): EUR 199,–
hmReports for 4D Runtime Volume Licence, unlimited: EUR 349,–
hmReports for 4D Server, unlimited 4D clients: EUR 349,–
hmReports OEM unlimited servers (includes runtime and development): EUR 1799,–
annual price

Special offer: If you already licensed an other reporting/graphic-plugin (e. g. SuperReport Pro, 4D Draw, Canvas, PagePro) you can get 50 % off for an equivalent hmReports license! OEM licenses from the seconds year the full price.

All prices exclusive of VAT.

=== For discussion about hmReports ===
To join the mailing list, please send a message to
To remove you from the mailing list, please send a message to

To write a post please send the mail to

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