eNode releases AreaList Pro v9 beta 6


Dear tester,

AreaList Pro version 9 is now in final beta stage and introduces the following features:

– a new API based upon a full list of properties that the developer can set / get
– hierarchical lists display
– grid mode (a series of cells, defined by a two-dimensional array)
– mapped values
– ability to hide individual columns
– 4D v12 styled text
– 4D v12 hierarchical menu popups
– controls in list
– RGB colors with transparency
– caching of formatted values
– drag and drop from and to non ALP and non 4D objects, including desktop items, files and folders

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base de données 4D

base de données 4D Eine nette Nachrichtensammlung zu 4D.

Was soll man dazu sagen  – Thibaud Arguillere redet da ganz ungeniert über das Developer-Preview der v13 (läuft somit schon seit geraumer Zeit) und unsereins bekommt da gleich Prügel (im übertragenen Sinne) angedroht, wenn man nur öffentlich daran denkt. Tststs…..

AreaList Pro v9 – now public beta testing


AreaList Pro version 9

Dear 4D developers,

The beta test for AreaList Pro version 9 is now open to all developers, whether registered or not. ALP newbies are welcome.

This complete rewrite offers backwards compatibility with v8.x and DisplayList (now included into ALP), as well as a brand new API based upon properties setting / getting and new exciting display features such as a powerful grid mode and hierarchical lists.

Please contact me privately if you are interested in participating.


Phil Ganter

Wakanda makes progress

Wakanda DancerSo, what can we say based on the web site:

  • there is a Wakanda server
  • there is a Wakanda studio
  • there is a Wakanda framework
  • programming language is JavaScript
  • Wakanda has a Facebook page (wow!)
  • Wakanda uses Twitter (wow!)

Now, that’s a lot of information for a Sunday. More details are here.