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New programming shell for 4D

When discussing software shells, the common definition is that a programming shell “does nothing, but it does it very well”.  We are pleased to offer a unique alternative, a programming shell that “does almost everything crucial to managing project-based organizations and does those things very well”.

For the past 15 years we have been developing JobOrder, our 4D OEM Vertical Market Application.  JobOrder software manages planning, estimating, scheduling, billing, accounting, analyzing and reporting for project-based organizations.  Because we deal with a wide range of industries, such as Advertising, Architecture, Construction, Consulting, Design, Engineering, and Job Shops, JobOrder has been optimized to allow the straightforward addition of new tables, views, and reports.

Recently we have realized that our code may be useful to other 4D developers who want to tackle large projects but don’t have the required time or staff to program. But, if you begin your project with the JobOrder source code already polished and ready to run in 4D v12.1, you can give your customers far greater value than by programming from scratch.

We invite you to download a demo of JobOrder 2011 beta at

Our experience has been that the business processes of most companies have 95% in common, but the remaining 5% that is unique is often the secret of their business success. Canned software packages have no way to add that unique 5%, but by using JobOrder it’s straightforward to give your customers exactly what they want.

Recently we used JobOrder to create a version for manufacturing Job Shops. We were able to customize JobOrder to enhance our Sales Orders, Production Jobs, Milestones, In-Out Time management, and the importing of hundreds of thousands of manufacturing records from an existing custom database. Our client’s cost for all of this work was less than 5% of programming from scratch.

JobOrder The Ultimate Shell’ is priced for deployment licenses based upon your actual success in the marketplace. The number of products, customers, and locations determines pricing. Development and deployment licenses for the software used to create JobOrder, including 4D and its plug-ins, AreaList Pro, PrintList Pro, hmCal, hmReports, and ObjectTools, are your own responsibility. All ‘JobOrder The Ultimate Shell‘ licenses include source-code access to all of the enhancements we make for the next 10 years. All JobOrder Ultimate Shell licenses include consulting hours, based upon your purchase details, at no additional charge.

Take advantage of the endless hours invested in creating JobOrder and begin to release powerful 4D v12.1 applications with much less effort than you ever imagined possible.

Please contact Victor Siegle at 800-734-9143, x 10, for more information or for a GoToMeeting demo. Many of the most profound features in JobOrder are hidden from public view and are accessible only via System Preferences; if you don’t see exactly what you need, please let us know, because it may already be there.

JobOrder contains a wide range of powerful, built-in functionality, including:
Activity Allocation
Accounting Reports
Automatic invoice generation
Automatic overhead allocation
Automatic time slip scheduling
Bank Reconciliation
Billing Worksheet Report
Cash Flash
Check Printing
Credit Card Distribution
Daily Log
Direct Time Entry
Double-entry Accounting
Drill-down Financial Statements
Dynamic Road Maps
Estimate Approval
Estimates with Parameters
Expense Forms
Express CheckWriter
Holiday Leave Requests
Impressions and Meter Reading Report
Instant Activity
Inventory Waste Report
Invoice Analysis Report
Job Summary Reports
Job, Estimate, and Template Overview
Literature Request Manager
Meeting Planner
Message Center
Meter Readings
Notification Rules
Payment History View
Personal Preferences
Purchase Order Line Analysis Report
Referral Report
Resource Rate Evaluation
Resource Usage Report
Security Access
Simple Profit and Loss Report
Statement of Work Calendar
System Preferences
Time Slip Journal
To Do Manager
Total Hours Report
Traffic Calendar
Traffic Status
Vendor Invoice Payment Analysis
Work Centers
Work Center Subsidiary Report
Work Orders

Many of these areas, tools, and reports have taken multiple hundreds of hours to design and program. The total programming investment in JobOrder exceeds 30 man-years.

Because our clients have such a wide range of requirements, we have created optimized methods and processes for adding new features. For example adding a table with several fields to JobOrder and linking it to the Shell takes less than 30 minutes. Because JobOrder is a Shell, in those 30 minutes you can create a List view with the following features:
Instant query by all indexed fields
Click on column headers to sort
Double-click to edit records
Show Active records
Show All records
Complex Query
Quick Report
Add One New Record
All New Records
Delete Selected Records
Show Subset
Omit Subset
Establish Set
Recall Set
Manage Sets
Merge Sets
Print List View

Adding sub-forms to record forms or calling our DisplayList replacement is completely procedural and consists simply of adding the fields to be displayed, along with formatting information.

To facilitate the building of Internet front-ends, JobOrder has built-in links to Ext JS 4. See Adding customized web pages with callbacks to the internal business logic in ‘JobOrder The Ultimate Shell‘ running on a 4D Server is straightforward. For example if you write a report with a dialog and with sophisticated analysis using PrintList Pro, creating the web version can take as little as one hour.

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