eNode releases AreaList Pro v9 beta 6


Dear tester,

AreaList Pro version 9 is now in final beta stage and introduces the following features:

– a new API based upon a full list of properties that the developer can set / get
– hierarchical lists display
– grid mode (a series of cells, defined by a two-dimensional array)
– mapped values
– ability to hide individual columns
– 4D v12 styled text
– 4D v12 hierarchical menu popups
– controls in list
– RGB colors with transparency
– caching of formatted values
– drag and drop from and to non ALP and non 4D objects, including desktop items, files and folders

Please find attached ALP 9 b6.
[Editor’s note: you need to register (free) as beta tester, send an email to Phil Ganter.]

* “ALP 9.0b6.zip” contains the following:
– “all ALP properties.xls” – ALP properties spreadsheet
– “alp 12.4dbase” – a 4D v12 database illustrating and explaining the new ALP v9 API. The plug-in is inside the package.
– “ALP compatibility.txt” – a note about backwards v8.x compatibility
– “ALP constants.txt” – ALP v9 constant list
– “look inside package.txt” – a reminder that the plug-in is inside the “alp 12.4dbase” package

* “ALP 9.0b4.txt”  is the release notes from the unreleased b4 but still valid for b6

* “ALP Examples_b6.zip” contains the Example database as documented in the manual

* “ALP Manual V9 b6.pdf” is the manual in progress

== If you already have reported issues, please retest and report the status : fixed or not ==

DisplayList is now a ALP v9 module and will be discontinued as a separate product. Feel free to test the DL commands with the attached beta if you are already using this plug-in (or not).

Please review the manual and let us know if you think anything is missing or not very well explained.

OEM users are welcome to request their v9 license key.

Best regards,
The AreaList Pro v9 team