Typeahead in V12

Helping my workflow

Typeahead ought to support repeating or tedious tasks. I like typeahead very much and my customers do too, when installed and when supporting their workflow. Otherwise I’ll get it in the neck.

Not every kind of typeahead is useful for everybody. The typeahead in V12.2 stopps my workflow more than necessary. I would be better off, having less typeahead, actually.

First I loved the typeahead of 12.0. Now with 12.2 its getting in my way! To me, the current implementation of type-aheads is to much of a theoretical idea than of practical use. I’ll describe some instances.

– Unpractical is inserting the first table between the brackets when writing CREATE RECORD().

+ Practical would be adding the brackets after CREATE RECORD and setting the cursor in between.


– Unpractical is to get nothing after the semicolon of QUERY([Table];


+ Practical would be offering filling up QUERY with (;=) and inserting the cursor in between bracket and semicolon


ListOfTables– Unpractical is to get a list of some hundred tables before typing any letter.

+ Practical would be offering a short list of tables, starting with the entered letter and not earlier.


– Unpractical is counting nested brackets

+ Practical is closing every bracket immediately and moving the cursor back 1 character

Me and many I know have the behaviour of setting opening and closing brackets immediately already in their genes.

I’d appreciate some more consistency.



This looks great, but what is the cursor waiting for then?


I’d like to get the best & practical typeahead

Let’s start a collection: use the comment-section on this page. I’d appreciate a short description of what is unpractical and what would be practical like this:

– Unpractical is

+ Practical is

4D v12.2 + TWAIN + QPix – solved!

Essential QPix  Plugin for 4DTWAIN protocol problem solved

In the usual fast and reliable way ESCAPE solved a problem between 4D v12.2 & QPix. 4D v12 stopped recognizing the TWAIN protocol. It worked fine up to 4D v12.1.
Danis Georgiadis released QPix v3.5.8b12 yesterday evening and it fixed the problem.

If you see any problems in your application just contact ESCAPE’s techsupport.

Active4D v5.0r29

Active4D UpdateHello,

Active4D v5.0r29 is available for immediate download. This release fixes a few bugs and adds two new features. All current users are encouraged to upgrade.


All v5 users should upgrade to this version, there are important bug fixes.

Many thanks,


[Note from the editor:
Active4D is a first class plugin for developing 4D driven
web sites. It is an excellent 4D interpreter and gives nearly
unlimited choices – just give it a try and you are hooked.]

Win32API v5 – for 4D Server 64bit

Orchard SoftwareWin32API version 5.0 is now available



Win32API is free and open-source. The source code for the plug-in is included with every download.

What’s new:

  • Version 5 is for 4D v11/v12 only.
  • Version 5 is rewritten using the latest plug-in API from 4D.
  • Version 5 is 64-bit compatible for 4D Server v12.

Older versions of the plug-in are still available on our web site if you need to target 4D 2004 or earlier.

Jeffrey Kain
Orchard Software Corporation