jQuery 1.6 released

jQuery v1.6 Framework for JavaScriptJohn Resig  of the jQuery project reports:

jQuery 1.6 is now live and available for consumption! We’re quite proud of this release, it includes a major rewrite of the Attribute module and a number of performance improvements.

Please take this opportunity to thank members of the jQuery Team and the jQuery bug triage team for their help in getting this release out the door.

You can get the code from the jQuery CDN:

You can also get the code from other CDNs as well:

We want to encourage everyone from the community to try and get involved in contributing back to jQuery core. We’ve set up a full page of information dedicated towards becoming more involved with the team. The team is here and ready to help you help us!

In fact, we’re already getting started working on jQuery 1.7. We’re welcoming feature proposals for jQuery 1.7. If you have any suggestions please submit them using the aforementioned form.