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After completely rewriting the web site for Foundation (add your comments at the Foundation blog or email me), I’m pleased to announce a brand new product for the Foundation App Store.

It’s called Hola! as in ‘Hello’ in spanish. It is a 4D SQL v11/v12 component that allows for notifications to be sent from 4D Server to Clients and between Clients. One thing this would be perfect for is replacing all your progress bars with a notification that a long process has begun and then send a final notification when the process is finished. Much less work for 4D to perform in keeping your users informed. What else can Hola! do? Read on.
Notifications are a way for your applications to provide users with new information, without interfering with the current window or process that they are in. Hola! lets a background process say “hi” to a user without it having to come to the foreground. Hola! even lets other clients or servers say “hi” to a user without interfering with what they are working on.

Hola! can send a notification to a user from the server.
Hola! can send a notification to a user from another client (batch workstation).
Hola! can send a notification to a user from a background process to let the user know the status.
Hola requires 4D Server v11 or later. You can purchase the compiled version for just $9.95. Yes, just $9.95. Hopefully, the first in a long line of low-cost 4D components from the Foundation App Store (if you have ideas for such products, just email me and we’ll get to work on them).

Hola! source code is available for $79 to see how the magic works. Hola! was written by Barclay Berry (author of iLB ListMagic). It includes well-commented code and complete documentation.

Download a demo of Hola! today at The demo is compiled for v12 only. If you need a v11 version, drop me a note.

Walt Nelson (Seattle)
Keeper of the Shell