AreaList Pro v9 master candidate 1

e-NodeDear tester,

AreaList Pro v9.0 MC1 is available at the following address:

Please report all issues
– Bugs
– Manual
– Backwards compatibility (replacing 8.x with 9.0 in your existing code)
– DisplayList backwards compatibility (replacing  DL with ALP 9.0 in your existing code)
– Demo database

Arealist Pro v9 MC1
The ALP demo database fully upgraded to v9. Includes ALP v9.0MC1.

ALP Manual v9mc1.pdf
ALP v9 manual. Please report how you find it useful, clear etc.
The DL demo upgraded to ALP v9. Includes ALP v9.0MC1.
DisplayList commands are now included into ALP v9.
DisplayList will be discontinued as a separate product.