Lightning v1.5 is available

LightningLightning v1.5 is available now!

Lightning is a 4D Component available for 4D v11 and 4D v12+ that you can install into a new or existing 4D database to create a professional Web 2.0 application, quick as a flash. Facilities are provided for controlling user access, designing form layouts, validating data entry and much more.

With the powerful new tag language and methods, Lightning v1.5 allows you to develop powerful and professional looking 4D web applications, fast.

Download v1.5 now from…

4D v11 SQL Release 9 (11.9 MC2) is available!

4D v11.9 MC2Xavier Dal MoroDear beta testers,

Here is the second master candidate of 4D v11 SQL Release 9!

The code is frozen, but some bugs are fixed by the development team at this time.

It should be the very last one before final shipping.

There will be no further bug fixes, with the exception of major bugs and showstoppers that you could find with this version.

Bugs have been fixed and a list of fixed bugs is available on FTP.

Do not hesitate to post your comments in the appropriate forum topics!

Note: You have to  be a Gold or Silver Partner to get access to this version.

4D v12.2 Hotfix 1

4D v12.2 Hotfix 1Today 4D released a hot fix for the current flag ship: 4D v12. There are several bugs fixed. The access to the hotfix and the bug fix list is limited to Gold and Silver Partners.

If you are partner, you can access the message here (login required).