e-Node new publisher for SuperReport Pro

e-NodeEffective July 1st, 2011, the famous 4D report plugin SuperReport Pro is exclusively published and distributed worldwide by e-Node.
e-Node has been the major portal for 4D plugins for over 12 years, working with 4D SAS and most leading third party vendors such as Automated Solutions Group , Committed Software, Soft Solutions, Rose Development, CLS Data Pro, Inforce, Beckware and Osmose.

A minor 2.9 release will be shipped during the Summer. This upgrade will be free for 2.x registered users.

e-Node is already working on the new 3.0 release, scheduled to be made available by the end of 2011, which will include brand new features, 4D v12 and v13 full compatibility and Unicode support. Feature requests are welcome.

Technical support will be offered worldwide by e-Node to all 2.9 registered users.

“Automated Solutions Group felt that it was in the best interest of its customers and the 4D community that this product continues to be supported and in the hands of a quality group such as e-Node.  We will continue to work with e-Node to assure that all customers are supported as that continued development efforts will improve and that new features and technologies will be integrated into future versions.” said Michael Erickson of Automated Solutions Group.

For information about e-Node and our 4D plugins catalog, please visit us at www.e-node.net

Best regards,
Philippe Ganter
President, e-Node SA