e-node releases AreaList Pro v9.0 MC5

Dear developers,

AreaList Pro v9.0 MC5 is available from the following URL:

AreaList Pro version 9 introduces the following features:

– New API based upon a full list of properties that the developer
can set / get

•- Hierarchical lists display
•- Grid mode (a series of cells, defined by a two-dimensional array)
•- Mapped values
•- Ability to hide individual columns
•- 4D v12 styled text
•- 4D v12 hierarchical menu popups
•- Controls in lists
•- RGB colors with transparency
•- Caching of formatted values (speeds up display)
•- Drag and drop from and to non ALP and non 4D objects, including
desktop items, files and folders
•- Full unicode support including display and data entry
•- Separate XML file for formats, months names, colors names, etc.
•- Native look, using up-to-date drawing libraries (CoreText /
CoreGraphics on Mac, GDI+ on Windows)
•- Wrapped text and dynamic row height
•- New text attributes, including vertical alignment, rotated text,
horizontal scaling and line spacing

ALP v9.0 MC5 fixes

•- changed maximum column width from 800 to 32000 pixels
•- fixed cell border drawing
•- fixed popup hit testing
•- added callback for popup handling – used when popup is clicked but
no popup array/menu is defined
•the new property is ALP_Area_ProcPopup (value “appc”) – use
AL_SetAreaTextProperty ($area; ALP_Area_ProcPopup; “callback name”)
•callback is called as function: PopupCallback (area:L; row:L;
column:L; dataType:L) -> bool:Handled
•return False to invoke internal implementation
•otherwise use AL_SetAreaXXXProperty
($1;ALP_Area_EntryValue;some_value) to actually set the new value and
return True

Best regards,
e-Node Customer Service