Brendan C. reloaded

Brendan Coveney

Brendan Conveney disappeared suddenly (for most of us) and made now an interesting reappearance. You wouldn’t have guessed it – with a french company and a branch in California. Old habits die hard.
Looks like Brendan made a smart move to a company with a modern distribution model: The software is free and open source. Their business model is based on selling support and maintenance.
The company is nuxeo, a Paris based company.

It started with a small notice:

Nuxeo grandit, et ce mois-ci nous voulons vous présenter les deux derniers arrivés au sein de notre équipe de direction : Brendan Coveney qui prend la Direction des Ventes en Amérique du Nord, et Stéphane Deleersnyder qui devient Directeur des Ventes Europe.

[Source, scroll down to the bottom, chapter “Famille”]

Reading thru the pages of nuxeo – it looks like a concept where Wakanda wants to be somewhere in a distant future. This sheds a completely new light to the strange PR behaviour of 4D itself.

If a longtime CEO leaves the company and you say ‘Good bye’ in 2 sentences – looks for me like a harsh ‘….I don’t want to talk about it!’.  At least in Paris, both 4D and nuxeo are close, the HQs are just 14km away from each other – but Brendan is closer to the city of Paris (just do a ‘Get directions’ in Google Maps to see it).

OK, what do we learn from it? Brendan made a smart move and it makes it easier to understand the smile on his face.