4D v11 is a dead end and 4D v13 will not come in 2011

4D v11 is declarded dead

The headless 4D US office reports…

Brendan is gone since months, Aug 1 passed by in the speed of a deadline and nothing happened.  The way 4D communicates with its developers is kind of a “4D Quest” – who finds the announcements in a foreign language (here: Japanese) first and is able to use Google Translate.
The absence of any official (European) word is… OK, what is it? You name it…

Here’s what our US friends have to say:

“4D v11 SQL End of Life

Upon the recent announcement of 4D v11 SQL Release 9 (11.9), we reminded customers that it will be the final release for the 4D v11 SQL product line as it retires into the “Sunset” phase of the product cycle. This means that there will be no further upgrades or bug fixes for 4D v11 SQL.

4D v11 SQL products will continue to be sold until December 15, 2011, but as of September 30, 2011, v11 product prices will increase. Customers using 4D v11 SQL will continue to receive technical support until March 31, 2012, when 4D v11 will move to the “Obsolete” phase of the product lifecycle.

We are fully on track with our planned 18-month release cycle. Thus the passing of 4D v11 SQL marks the imminent arrival of our new flagship 4D v13, which is currently in alpha 2 and will soon be available to 4D Partners as a beta.

With 4D v11 SQL going into sunset, now is an excellent time to make the move to 4D v12 and be ready for 4D v13. Keeping current with the latest versions of 4D ensures that you and your users get timely support, fixes and maintenance updates, as well as assured compatibility with the latest hardware and operating systems on the market.

Upgrading to 4D v12 is not only easy, but brings with it unprecedented benefits in stability, performance and scalability. 4D v12’s 64-bit architecture, in particular, allows for larger solutions with more simultaneous users without performance limitations. “We’re moving our customers to 4D Server v12 ASAP,” says Jeffrey Kain, executive vice president of Orchard Software. “We’ve had a customer running the 64-bit server and so far it’s going really great.”

Keeping up with the latest version is beneficial to developers and end-users, and as many customers around the world can attest, 4D’s Maintenance program provides a cost-effective way to stay current with all 4D releases.“

What does this mean?

4D tells us in the eve of new versions “2 versions, the current one and the one before are supported”. Hmm, you might think that v11 is before v12. Here comes a joker into the play to honor Ben Kishon. This joker is named “supported OS”. Dammed, you missed this one! 4D has an official list of “supported OSs” – and 4D v11 this  list ends at MacOS X 10.6 –  in 4D speak it is legal to ignore ‘Lion’.

[Remark: in the first published version we had the headline “4D v11 is a dead end and v12  will not come in 2011“ – which was wrong, sorry!]