e-node releases SuperReport Pro v2.9



Back from the dead

For a long time we thought it is a dead product – now it makes it reappearance. The copyright notice inside the installer tells me, it is still owned by Automated Solutions Group (Mike Ericson) and published by e-node.

Does it make sense? You can bet! There is a lot of old code sitting outside in old 4D 2003, 4D 2004 -or even older- versions, waiting for an update. It is a little late, hmReport and PagePro have already made their collection of old SRPro customers, but, there is still a customer base.

It is a free update for all existing customers – but you have to order a new serial number.

Here’s the official press release:

Bordeaux, August 4th , 2011

SuperReport Pro v2.9 is now available from e-Node at www.e-node.net/srp

Published by e-Node worldwide.

This release fixes several bugs, brings new features and simplifies the license system.

System requirements
SuperReport Pro 2.9 requires 4D v2004 or higher (including 4D v11 SQL and 4D v12).

Fixed bugs
Fixed Print Preview on MacOS X.

Fixed script editing on Windows (CR/LF handling).
Removed Cancel button from SuperReport Pro Preview button.
In 4D v11/v12 a plugin cannot close its window in which it displays a plugin area.

Fixed a problem where SuperReport Pro tried to display a dialog when the Preview window was displayed. This resulted in a freeze of 4D.

New features
SuperReport Pro is now fully compatible with 4D v11/v12.

The storage of SuperReport Pro reports changes from picture to blob

In 4D v11 and v12, it is no longer possible to use picture fields to store SuperReport Pro reports. All SuperReport Pro calls accepting picture parameters are changed to blob parameters. However, it is not possible to just change the field type in 4D from picture to blob, report stored in picture fields must be converted to blob fields with the new SuperReport Pro method SR Report To BLOB.

This command accepts a SuperReport Pro report in picture parameter and returns a blob:
SR Report To BLOB (picture) -> blob
The older call SR SWAP HANDLES is deprecated and should not be used in 4D v11 and v12.

Upgrading from previous versions
Version 2.9 introduced a new license design. Previous licenses will not work with this release.
In order to activate SuperReport Pro 2.9 and above, you need to require a new license key from e-Node.
SuperReport Pro 2.9 is a free upgrade from all previous versions.
Please contact e-Node with proof of purchase of your current version.

For information about e-Node and our 4D catalog, please visit us at