New kid on the block: Tom Miller

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4D Inc. (San José, California) has a new General Manager (could someone please explain the difference between ‘General Manager’, ‘CEO’ and ‘President’?), Tom Miller.

A warm welcome to Tom from here!

Let’s see what Tom is telling us:


I’m the new General Manager for North America at 4D, one week into it and learning fast.  I’m pleased to have the opportunity to support and grow 4D and Wakanda in North America in concert with Laurent Ribardière’s technical leadership and vision and the global 4D team and community.  Helping you be successful as a customer and partner of 4D is a responsibility I look forward to.

Several aspects of 4D really appeal to me.  We have a long standing and active community of users and developers, as I have seen from following iNUG and Forum discussions.  Browsing these archives has been helpful in my getting up to speed.  The 4D business is good and pretty stable, but seems to have some room for growth if we put some energy into it.  And, the up-and-coming Wakanda project brings significant innovation to a space that’s hot–web development for business applications–but where current tools and platforms are lacking, poorly integrated making development quite complex.

If you check LinkedIn.

Best Regards,
Tom Miller