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Wow – the second new kid on the block – same day, same mailing list (kind of, doesn’t handle even html, but that’s a different topic). Just after Tom Miller (the new GM, better ‘General Manager’, the term ‘GM’ raises eyebrows here in this area) made his announcement, Michel Gerin  appeared on stage. Michel is the new global marketing manager of 4D.

Welcome Michel! Here’s what he has to say:

Hi all,

And thanks for the passionate and active discussion around 4D’s intentions,
plans and the future of the 4d product line.  My marketing teachers might be
upset with me today, because the rule of thumb is to not weigh in as a
company representative to these kind of discussions.  But I hope to bring a
new breed of marketing. I believe in being open with our customers, partners
and users. After all, you are betting your business on ours so I see it as
our responsibility to share as much as we know with you.

I’d like to think that the reason I was selected to lead the marketing
operations at 4D is because of my diagnosis of 4D’s marketing problem and
the solutions I proposed, and not just because I was an American speaking
with a French accent.  The problem was for me easy to identify. Unless
you’re a 4D developer today, there is no way anybody could figure out what
4D is doing. Today, 4D is basically marketing 4D to 4D developers. That’s
it!  It’s a private club, and it’s not good!

I also had some passionate discussions with Laurent and Luc and shared with
them many of my experiences with companies I worked for. I worked for a
Javascript company, for the leading PHP company and for more traditional
companies like Borland where I was getting many of the same reactions from
developers as we are getting here. Each time I would be introducing a new
product to market, there would always be people announcing that it was the
end of the other products.  I remember specifically when I announced our new
Java IDE, people were saying that it was the end of BC++ and Delphi.  But as
I was saying then and I’m still saying now, all products have their place in
the market. A C++ or Delphi developer is not going to switch to a Java IDE
unless they really have a need to use Java. They’ll continue with the
language they know best and the product they’re most productive in. And I
believe this is also the case here.

Now after talking to Luc and Laurent, listening to the history of the
company and understanding the vision, I got really excited. I saw in 4D a
great company, with great products, great people and a loyal and dynamic
community.  I know deeply that with these great ingredients we should come
up with an awesome recipe. And I know how I can help.

As a last word, I’d like to say that we are all in marketing. Though I’m the
only one being paid for doing it 😉  What I mean by that is when you talk
to a customer about 4D or it’s product, or talk to another developer or post
a message in a forum, you’re doing marketing. Each time you do so, always
keep in mind that what you say will influence another developer. That’s why
I strongly believe in communicating. I’d rather have you share the facts
than share worries or speculations. So I’ll make it my job to always share
what I know to being facts.

Oh, and to answer some of the concerns specifically, I am planning to market
both 4D and Wakanda.  As someone mentioned, I truly believe that Wakanda
will help bring a new breed of developers to the 4D community. Now I am
counting on you to welcome them to our family.

Thanks again for the opportunity to introduce myself within the discussion.
I am looking forward to your feedback, your suggestions, and your ideas.

Looking back at 4D’s marketing, starting in last millennium I have to commit: this is fantastic! We wish you all the best – 4D needs you!

One last thing… in the header we talked about “Peitsche”. 4D is a huge company, active in different time zones. So it is understandable – not all the communication inside a company might be synchronized at the same time. At least, this is our explanation for Josh Fletcher  (4D US Techsupport) posts a message several  minutes after Michels fantastic news. This message tells us the opposite from Michel. Josh tries to kill the discussion about ‘The future of 4D” stating:

Please do try and follow the guidelines.  We are pretty relaxed about enforcing them in most cases but they do exist for a reason and we’d rather *not* have to resort to enforcing them more strictly.

Kind regards,

Josh Fletcher

Josh Fletcher
4D Technical Services

Michel take care – otherwise your messages are delayed for serveral hours next time – and you will not get an official explanation for it.