4D raises prices

4D v12.

Save on 4D v11

No, not saving 4D v11 from getting vaporized(*) soon – just save some money.

Starting on Oct 1 the prices for 4D v11 will go up. A shocking experience for each developer – but nothing new. It is just a further signal of the arrival of 4D v13.

The best-buy you can get now is to upgrade to 4D v12 and get a maintenance contract. Then keep your fingers crossed and 4D v13 will be released within 12 months.

I’m nearly ready to bet on it. 4D needs to keep the 18 months product cycle. That’s due in December 2011.

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(*)vapoized means: it is already out-of-support and as soon as 4D v13 appears, 4D forgets about this version.