Wakanda Developer Preview 2

Wakanda Dancer

In Wakanda DP2, a few experimental features are accessible; however, they have not yet been finalized. Retro-compatibility is not assured because these features may be removed or modified without warning, but some of them will be integrated in a future release. The experimental features are the following: add-on management, mobile (tablet and smartphone) platform support, remote server debugging, MySQL connector and Email modules, the widget API, optimized widgets for mobile devices, as well as a few widgets (Chart, Tree View, Google Map, Yahoo! Weather, and Google Chart).
For more see Wakanda.org

SuperReport Pro 3.0 Feature requests – Last call


Attention all SuperReport Pro users.

Many thanks to all of you who replied to my previous call for requests. The upcoming version 3 specs look impressive!
Here is a last chance for those who did not yet respond. Please do it before the end of the week, in a private reply to this post.
Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Phil, e-Node