AreaList Pro v9.1 beta 3


AreaList Pro 9.1b3 is available

AreaList Pro provides all the features you need to create sophisticated and user interface rich list controls with 4D v11 SQL and 4D v12.

Version 9 is a full rewrite offering backward compatibility with 8.x versions and many new features.

New in version 9:

  • * Full 4D v11 & v12 compatibility
  • * New API based upon a full list of properties that the developer can set / get
  • * Hierarchical lists display
  • * Grid mode (a series of cells, defined by a two-dimensional array)
  • * Mapped values
  • * Ability to hide individual columns
  • * 4D v12 styled text
  • * 4D v12 hierarchical menu popups
  • * Controls in lists
  • * RGB colors with transparency
  • * Caching of formatted values (speeds up display)
  • * Drag and drop from and to non ALP and non 4D objects, including desktop items, files and folders
  • * Full Unicode support including display and data entry
  • * Separate XML file for formats, months names, colors names, etc.
  • * Native look, using up-to-date drawing libraries (CoreText / CoreGraphics on Mac, GDI+ on Windows)
  • * Wrapped text
  • * Dynamic row height
  • * New text attributes, including vertical alignment, rotated text, horizontal scaling and line spacing
  • * Now includes DisplayList commands