ObjectTools v3.0.5 available

ObjectTools v3Fixes a memory leak and 64bit problem

ObjectTools v3.0r5 is now available. This version fixes a leak when deserializing picture arrays and fixes serialization issues in 64-bit mode. All v3 users are encouraged to update to this version.

ObjectTools for 4D v12 64-bit Server is now available as a beta. Please note that this is an add-on upgrade which must be purchased. You can purchase the 64-bit upgrade at my online store.

In order to use the 64-bit version, you must install v3.0r5, which is available for download at my site. Please note that starting with v3.0r4 Mac OS X 10.4 is no longer officially supported. It might work with 10.4, but I have no way of testing myself.