AreaList Pro v9.1b10 available

AreaList Pro v9

Stepping forward: 3 state check boxes, cell invisibility and more

AreaList Pro 9.1b10 is available at <>

This version, amongst others, adds three important features:

  • 3 states check boxes
  • cell invisibility
  • alternate row color blending (including RGB transparency, which is 100% supported in all ALP v9 features).

Many items have been added to the troubleshooting and FAQs section in the manual. Check out pages 194 to 208.

ALP v9.1 b10 changes

  • fixed license dialog title (it is the product name again, not “License expired”)
  • fixed DisplayList window sizing
  • fixed enterability by popup (area had to be enterable by click)
  • improved drawing on Windows
  • fixed drawing of text with horizontal scaling value 1.0
  • modified internal caching of styles (caching native font instances should speed up drawing)
  • fixed scroll bars on Windows (sometimes dimmed until clicked)
  • modified alternate row coloring  cell’s background color is set as defined (from cell, row or column), then is combined with the alternate row color in case this other color is defined
  • added three-state check box display/entry for integer columns
  • column has to be of type Integer or Longint (not formatted as time)
  • column has to use check box for display (ALP_Column_DisplayControl equal to 0, 1 or 2 (default is -1))
  • column has to use check box for Boolean entry (ALP_Column_EntryControl equal to 0 or 1 (default is 0))
    – if entry control is set to 0 (check box w/o title), two state entry is allowed
    – if entry control is set to 1 (check box with title), three state entry is allowed ==> the entry control is never instantiated, change is immediate (on entry click)
  • added new property: property name: ALP_Cell_Invisible property value: “visi” property is read/write/persistent property type: Boolean default: False usage: if set to true, cell content is made invisible comments: invisible cells draw nothing (except borders and disclosure triangle), are implicitly not enterable and are not copied when using Copy or Drag

[Editor’s note: this pity copy & paste – just took over the errors from the original, sorry.  b10 it is!]