iPhone Gadget ‘PhoneSling’ and the idea of ‘KickStarter’

A new way for building relationships to your iPhone4

You need to be an inventor like Barry Brilliant (Santa Rosa, California) get such a neat and simple idea:

The PhoneSling is a combination iphone case and lanyard holder for the iphone4 and iPhone4s. It’s quick and easy adjustable design provides the user a new way of relating to the iphone. He or she can wear it around the waist as purse, murse – or man purse, or around the neck.

So far it sounds simple. How to get the money to start the production? There is web site called ‘KickStarter‘ which might be easier to handle then asking your local bank. The idea is simple: present your product and get supporters willing to invest into your project.
Once you got enough supporters, collect the money and start the production.

See yourself: