Developer Network ‘die4Dwerkstatt’

 Up and running for more than 6 months

‘’ is a project of the German developer network ‘die4Dwerkstatt’ (roughly translated as: the_4D_workshop).  The network itself was founded 2004.

Started in Germany, we have members from Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

In Wiesbaden is a monthly meeting, 1st Friday of a month and in Hamburg every 2 months (dates will be announced). 2 mailing lists (one public, one internal) are maintained. You already found this website – our main page is There we have all the addresses and a (partly) list of all members.

There are no rules etched in stone, just common wisdom (as far as we know). The main idea is the exchange of ideas, knowledge and help. Interested? Just drop us a note. There is no need to know any German, we (ab)use English heavily. Cool

Here’s an overview from where our visitors are coming and what they are searching for. These are the top 15 results of the last 90 days.

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