ESCAPE releases all plugins for 64bit

Escapae QPix, QMedia

New QPix, QMedia/QMediaLight, QGrid and QDrop versions released

Hello Escape users,

We are pleased to announce that the following plug-in versions have been posted to our website:

  • – QPix 3.6
  • – QMedia 1.6, QMediaLight 1.6
  • – QGrid 1.6
  • – QDrop 1.6

Download from <>

The new feature of these releases is the added support of the 64-bit 4D Server for Windows.

The licensing module has been moved out of all plugins and it now resides in QLM. QLM is a separate plugin that provides licensing services to all Escape plugins, keeps track of client connections and disconnections, and so on.

Migration from previous plugin versions should be transparent. In some cases you may be asked to re-enter your license keys.

Please write to <> in case you experience problems with the new versions.


The Escape Team