Introducing hmTools 4D Code Execution

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New 4D Code interpreter for compiled applications

Hi all,

because we got a lot of requests about our new 4D Code Execution-Engine, we decided to make an independent product out of it: hmTools.

hmTools becomes a set of high quality development tools for all 4D Developers. We start now with the 4D Execution Engine.

The goal is, that you can write, execute and debug 4D Code in your deployed compiled application.

About the 4D Executer:

  • – It runs in a Sandbox, which means, it has it’s own local, global and interprocess variables
  • – Editor with syntax coloring
  • – Methods are tokenized: if you open the method with a french 4D or an other localization, all commands and formats are native.
  • – If you rename tables and fields, the tokenized code do not become invalid, because internally table and fields are tokenized as numbers.
  • – Using of local variables and arrays, and pointers to them
  • – Support of If, For, While, Repeat – Loops
  • – Debugger, where you can step through your code
  • – Very easy to integr ate, see method “Test” in the Demo

hmTools - 4D Code Execution for compiled applications


  • – No commands for user interfaces are supported; a list of supported commands is in the demo folder.
  • – Currently not implemented: Calls to Plugins and Methods

A short demo in a very early stage can be downloaded here: