AreaList Pro v9.1MC2 available

AreaList Pro v9

Bug fixes and new features

ALP v9.1 mc2 main changes

  • – added workaround for bug in 4D v13b2 (always setting event time to zero) – double-click on Mac should work again
  • – created new popup icon for Windows – it is now 7 pixels wide, not 5
  • – fixed up-arrow-key and down-arrow-key navigation (single row selection mode, no row selected)
  • – fixed crash when shrinking arrays/selection and a footer cell has set any property
  • – implemented support for the hidden AL_UpdateArrays feature that existed in ancient ALP versions using non-negative parameter (number of rows to show) ALP 9 uses a new property – ALP_Area_LimitRows – for this implementation ALP_Area_LimitRows is usable with selections, too NOTE: it is not fully compatible with ALP 8 – when sort is done by ALP, the result is different ALP 8 sorts the arrays, then accesses the first N rows ALP 9 sorts only the first N rows
  • – added new area property: category: Display property name: ALP_Area_LimitRows property value: “limR” property is read/write, but not persistent property type: int default: -1 usage: limit the number of rows to display (“shrink” selection) use -1 to use actual array/selection size

AreaList Pro 9.1mc2 is available at

Philippe Ganter