UnitTester open sourced

Goodbye Mark!
…and thanks for the source.

Hi all,

This is a farewell message as I am no longer doing 4D development and my plans for the future are set with other technologies. I will always have a special place in my heart for 4D as it was my first programming language / environment. I have enjoyed meeting and working with several of you and participating on this list (though I’ve mostly been an observer recently). I respect the 4D community and wish you all the best with 4D and Wakanda.

As a parting gift to the community, I have decided to open up UnitTester for all that want it.

You can clone it from Github here:



Mark Schaake

If never thought about ‘unit testing’, have a look at Mark’s excellent work – and don’t forget to watch his YouTube movies. Thank you very much Mark!]