Greetings from the past – MDD

Hi 4D old-timers, can you still spell ‘Marylene Delbourg-Delphis’?

First, I have to confess: I didn’t find this by my own.This name was just too deep hidden in memories. I have to say ‘Thank you’ to a reader who doesn’t want to be named.

MDD – woow. The first, one and only General of 4D (ACI at this time).  Once there was a summit in San José and ACI (=MDD) introduced a new CEO for ACIUS, Mark Vernon (hopefully I got the spelling right). Still remembering MDD’s words: ‘Mark will be a strong CEO – there is a strong women behind him – his wife!’ She really ruled the guys at ACIUS and elsewhere, haven’t seen such a government style again at 4D/ACI/ACIUS. Everything looks such good it you look at it from a distant future!

Read this article: Silicon Valley Women: The Duchess of Tech Startups – btw, the glasses didn’t change.