DDDD: Get your DBZ source code (nearly) free

Xmas Sourcecode

Listbox component source code for sale

The DBZ-component replaces the list forms with a single Listbox-form. Without any adjustments records are displayed as they were in the user-environment. If you prefer to only show some fields or formula columns or enhance the display-characters, there is an editor to adjust those parameters easily. For a detailed description check this page.DBZ Package

As always, the compiled component, both for V11 and V12 is free, as in free beer.

I understand your wish to own the source code. So for the first time I’ll do a years end sale:

  • source code for US$ 65 which equals 50 € as of today.
  • License as usual: no hassle.

You can use the component source however you want, except offering a component yourself with features comparable to the DBZ component.

Here you can buy it