Foundation Shell: iLB ListMagic 2 released

v2 is available for 4D v12 and 4D v13

iLB ListMagic is a component developed by Barclay Berry for the Foundation App Store for 4th Dimension.

The new version of ListMagic 2.0 includes many user-submitted improvements:

iLB ListMagic 2 features include:

  • Table browser redesigned to model
  • an iTunes browser
  • New iQ Query component adds saved queries
  • Redesigned View editor
  • Virtually all listbox object properties are modifiable
  • Smart Search feature to search multiple fields
  • Modify ListMagic areas on the fly with contextual menus
  • New customizable Utility menu
  • Now honors 4D’s Virtual Structure even more (read the documentation)

ListMagic is available as a compiled component for Macintosh :mac: and Windows :win:. It was developed and tested with 4D v12 and v13. 4D v11 users can still use ListMagic 1.0.

You can purchase the source code for your peace of mind as well as to see how the magic happens.

What people say about ListMagic:

“iLB ListMagic will soon replace ALL your output forms in a jiffy. Your end users will sing your praises when you show them how they can customize their output forms with ease. Plus the save Smart Searches are incredible.” – Walt Nelson (Seattle) / Foundation App Store proprietor

Thanks, Walt Nelson (Seattle)
New stuff coming!