RESTless Flickr

TechNotes about Flickr + REST

Flickr API Integration with 4D v13
Flickr is a popular photo-sharing site that allows users to upload photos for free. Flickr also has a pro service that offers additional storage and benefits. This Technical Note demonstrates how to integrate the Flickr API into 4D using the new HTTP Client feature in 4D v13.

4D v13 REST Tester

With the ubiquity of REST Web services, support for REST requests in 4D and Wakanda, and a huge industry shift towards Web as a platform, the ability to understand and use REST Web services is something many 4D developers can benefit from.
One of the first tools a developer might need is a simple way to call and test REST services. This Technical Note provides such a tool along with a short introduction to REST for those that are completely unfamiliar with it.

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