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Possible  traps

From Aparajita’s desk:


For those of you who are using the 64-bit version of ObjectTools, please be aware that I have discovered that it is not guaranteed to work. Here’s why:

  • – Objects are referenced by a 32-bit longint handle.
  • – On a 32-bit system, I could convert a 32-bit pointer to an object directly to a 32-bit longint handle (and vice versa). This is what you dealt with.
  • – On a 64-bit system, 64-bit object pointers cannot be directly converted to 32-bit longint handles without losing the top 32 bits.

 I am currently doing a direct conversion, which means that the handle is only valid if the pointer resides within the bottom 4GB of memory.

I am working on a fix for this in v3.5. In the meantime I can’t guarantee stability on 64-bit Server.


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