RegExRX 1.6 with support for 4D

RegEx for everyone!

Kem Tekinay for MacTechnologies Consulting has released a nice tool for all of us who have to learn (and no time do it) RegEx:

I just released RegExRX 1.6. RegExRX is a regular expression development app and among its new features is support for copying and pasting patterns for use in 4D.

For example, if you craft a pattern to validate social security numbers, it might look like this:


If you use the menu option to Copy Pattern As 4D Code, you would be able to paste the following directly into your app:

ARRAY LONGINT($rxPositions;0)
ARRAY LONGINT($rxLengths;0)
$rxMatch:=Match regex($rxPattern;$sourceText;1;$rxPositions;$rxLengths)

There are demos of both the Windows and Mac versions at my web site, and it’s also available at the Mac App Store (1.5 currently, and 1.6 after Apple has their say).

Kem Tekinay
MacTechnologies Consulting
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