AreaList Pro 9.2r2 – Next Version

Bug fixes and a new property

eNode, FranceeNode was busy the last few weeks and presents a maintenance release:

AreaList Pro 9.2r2 is now available.

  • fixed date entry (day exchanged with year – bug introduced in 9.2mc4)
  • fixed calculated column callback argument – column number is visual column number in compatibility mode, physical otherwise
  • fixed fetching of data for hidden columns
  • added new Area property category: Selection property name: ALP_Area_SelNoDeselect property value: “selD” property is read/write/persistent XML name: “noDeselect” property type: Boolean default value: False usage: Disable row selection (deselection of other rows) when click occurs in already selected row and no modifier keys are held down
  • added constant ALP_Area_SelCreateSet – it was “documented” as ALP_Area_SelCreateSet, but internally it was ALP_Area_SelSetName

— Best regards, The AreaList Pro v9 team