Stable versions – your input please!

Which version do you consider “stable”?

Good question. Lately I was asked about this. Now I’d like to ask you:

Which 4D version do you consider as “stable”?

Just drop me a note at  [button_icon icon=”bomb” URL=” Versions&body=Here’s my list of stable 4D versions:”][/button_icon]and you might add why or why not, just in case you think a specific version isn’t. Instead of sending an email, leave a comment below.

As far as I’m concerned, I have customers down to 4D v6.0.x – so don’t be shy to talk about the elder ones.

The results will be published on It might take a few days, we let you know.

Oh, btw, the last hotfix for 4D, v12.3 hf5 was just pulled. There will be a “hotfix 6”.