hmCal: New Version 4.1 available in 64 Bit

Calendar plugin for 4D v12 and v13

heubach Media hmReports v2.1
is a plug-in developed by heubach media, Hamburg, Germany for 4th Dimension.

With version 4.1 of hmCal we continually integrate new features and improve stability and integrity in 4D.

hmCal 4.x contains tremendous new functions and improvements:

  • Introduction the 7th view: hmCal 4 introduces a new resources view. In this view you can display days vertically and users and hours horizontally. E. g. now you can see several people and their appointments of one month in one view!
  • hmCal 4 brings full power on the v12 and v13 4D Server 64 Bit. Now you can run hmCal 4 on the 4D Server 64 Bit on Windows.
  • Multistyle-Text in Appointment Header and Descriptions
  • Added support for Print Form to print a hmCal area on a 4D form
  • Contains new internal graphical improvements and more speed
  • Set own gradients for each appointment
  • New hmCal Mini Calendar Style
  • and more (see release notes)

More you can read in the release notes of the online documentation.

Currently there are 6 demo databases available for 4D v12. These databases shows you, how to handle the new features and how easy it is, to integrate these new features in your 4D application.

hmCal ist available as a universal binary bundle for Macintosh and Windows. It was developed and tested with 4D v12 and v13.

hmCal is available for Macintosh 10.5.x/10.6.x and 10.7.3 and Windows XP, Vista and 7 as Bundle for 4D v12 and 4D v13.

More information and a completed list of features are here.