iPhone app “Tag a Spot” and communication with 4D

Jordi Vila released an iPhone app

Dear colleagues,

I just published  ‘Tag a Spot’  for the iPhone in the iTunes store that you might want to hear about.

You might read about it at: http://vilasoftware.com/apps/Tag_a_Spot.html

I see a lot of potential applications for this kind of tool in areas where you need to document visual data and integrate it to a given workflow.

For instance:

  • Insurance appraisals
  • Real Estate appraisals
  • Physicians
  • Repair estimates Coordinating and auditing maintainance tasks in cities…

So far you can integrate the data from one or more iPhones/iPods to a 4D application through XML.

I have written a simple 4D component that does the XML parsing from 4D which I will gladly be mailing to anyone interested.

It’s not a free app but I still have some promotion codes from the Apple Store which I will be happy to mail them to you as well.

Best regards,

Jordi Vila


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