SuperReport and AreaList updated

Busy week for eNode

SuperReport Pro – beta news

We are pleased to inform you that SuperReport Pro v3 beta 6 is now available.

You can download the plug-in as well as the companion items from here.

  • improved conversion routine to account for different rectangle drawing when using hair-line – rectangles have adjusted width/height
  • fixed growable rectangle stretching
  • fixed object position calculations when a section overflows to next page
  • fixed text size calculation (was bigger by 2 pixels)
  • fixed empty rect drawing (a line was drawn instead of nothing)
  • fixed empty picture shrinking (was not shrunk)
  • -fixed empty text drawing (was accidentally removed as if “remove if empty” was set)

[notification type=”alert”]Once again, please NOTE:

  • Don’t use SRP 3.0 with your live data – once a report is converted to XML it will be unreadable by older versions of SRP
  • When a bug is found in conversion routine, you have to reload your old .srp reports to get them converted again[/notification]

Please click here for a temporary license key, and  requests / bug reports / questions.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
The SuperReport Pro v3 team