AreaList Pro v9.3 released

New versions of AreaList keep coming

Dear developers,

AreaList Pro 9.3 is now available !

AreaList Pro provides all the features you need to create sophisticated and user interface rich list controls with 4D v11 SQL, 4D v12 and 4D v13.
Version 9.3 is the most major release since version 9.0 (a full rewrite offering backward compatibility with 8.x versions and many new features).
The manual and examples have been redesigned to help mastering the powerful AreaList Pro version 9 API.

AreaList Pro version 9.3 is also compatible with version 8 API.
New in version 9.3:

  • Cell fill coloring
  • Record numbers of selected rows/set selection using record numbers
  • Row selection preservation when sorting 4D’s selection of rows
  • Area redraw property
  • Clipping mode settings on Windows: other 4D objects can be positioned over the AreaList Pro area
  • Calculate column width from all rows
  • Load record after selection change using GOTO SELECTED RECORD
  • Create a set from AreaList Pro current selection
  • Sending custom events to 4D
  • Disable row selection (de-selection of other rows) when a click occurs in an already selected row and no modifier keys are held down
  • Roll over current column property (where the mouse is positioned)
  • Roll over current grid cell property (where the mouse is positioned)
  • Immediate children count in Hierarchical list display
  • Row numbers of immediate children in Hierarchical list display

License system enhancements:

  • *New “Merged” license.
    This license is designed for compiled/merged applications (single user only).
  • *Text file registering.
    Alternately to AL_Register, you can place a plain text file into your 4D Licenses folder.
  • *The Demo mode alert dialog now includes a button to get the license information (4D serial or Machine ID), and then put it into the clipboard and/or a text file.


  • Redesigned manual structure
  • Redesigned Tutorial section
  • Extended Troubleshooting and FAQ section
  • New Working with Colors section

Examples and Demonstration databases:

  • All examples have been enhanced and documented
  • Example 12 was modified in the Examples database to display a multi-level hierarchical list
  • The Demo database now includes an interface to manage cell offsets, borders, fill colors, etc. (AreaList > Configuration Options then Format > Cell Settings)
  • Modified Drag and Drop examples to stress the need to handle the event from the drop destination area.
  • Added Example 15 to illustrate the use of all cells coordinates properties

And many fixes, see the 9.3 release notes.

AreaList Pro version 9.3 is compatible with 4th Dimension v11, v12 and v13 for both Macintosh and Windows. It requires MacOS X 10.5 or higher and Windows XP SP2 or better.

AreaList Pro version 9.3 is a free upgrade from v9.0: existing v9.x licenses will activate version 9.3.

Best regards,
— Philippe Ganter e-Node