SuperReport Pro 3.0 Beta 7

Fixes and more fixes

The re-animated SuperReport Pro is getting better – eNode delivers fixes for the first round from beta testers:

Dear SuperReport Pro user,

We are pleased to inform you that SuperReport Pro v3 beta 7 is now available.

Mac & Windows:

  • fixed some minor problems in Add Section dialog (incorrect strings for section names)
  • changed design mode drawing to use strings from XLF
  • fixed SR SetDestination (the destination type was incorrectly interpreted in SR Print); accepted values for type are 1 – 5 (5 for PDF, mapped to 2 on Mac)
  • added gray triangle to objects/section labels to indicate non-empty script/HTML data

Windows specific:

  • fixed bug in conversion of static pictures (creating corrupted picture which could lead to a crash when displayed)
  • fixed printer switching when destination is a file
  • added support for destination fax (printer named “Fax” is used), file name suffix is modified to “.tif” if file name is provided
  • fixed drawing primitives (lines, rectangles, ovals)
  • fixed drawing of lines and rectangles to screen (now using 1.0 point width – object border was mostly not drawn as a rectangle (when line width < 1.0))

Once again, please NOTE:

  • Don’t use SRP 3.0 with your live data – once a report is converted to XML it will be unreadable by older versions of SRP
  • When a bug is found in conversion routine, you have to reload your old .srp reports to get them converted again

Please reply to this post to get a temporary license key, and for any requests / bug reports / questions.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
The SuperReport Pro v3 team

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